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Interview: Local Author Joseph Colicchio

I had the pleasure of interviewing Joseph Colicchio, who recently published his fourth novel, All Strings Attached. He is also the author of the novels As Told by Monk, High Gate Health and Beauty, and The Trouble with Mental Wellness. His novels feature relatable characters who are Hudson County residents. Colicchio…

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Unclog your mind!

Writer’s block is an ailment that every writer on the planet will have to contend with at some point. But you don’t have to be stuck staring at a blank page, waiting for the words that never come. Here are some tips to help you snap your brain back into…

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Making the Most of a Marathon

This weekend’s JCW Spring Retreat: Write. Write. Write. has a special focus on writing marathons. Whether you’re going on the retreat or attending Writing Marathon Mayhem!, here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your next marathon experience. Set some goals. While some writers prefer to…

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Cut and Polish

Editing is a vitally important step in the development of a literary work. It is true that writers can often make a lot of revisions on their own. However, a professional editor is usually necessary to take a piece to the next level—from rock to gem. But did you know…

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Black Women in Poetry

In honor of Women’s History Month and National Poetry Month, I couldn’t think of two better poets to write about than Amanda Gorman and the late Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou was a poet laureate known throughout the world. Amanda Gorman is the first National Youth Poet Laureate. One thing that these…

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Going to Market

We get a lot of questions about how to market a book or piece once it is published. Whether you are self-publishing or publishing through an agent, the modern literary world expects authors to take charge on promoting their own books. Here are some tips on how to promote yourself…

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Love Is Fleeting, Books Are Forever

The only thing better than romance is romance novels. Here are some subcategories of the romance genre that you may not have heard of. Keep in mind that any given novel may encompass multiple subgenres. Romantic suspense is a genre that is one part romance, one part mystery or thriller. The…

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Character Consistency

Have you ever read a story in which  the protagonist was characterized as having dark, brooding eyes on page one, only to have  those eyes change to light blue like an ocean on page 25, with no explanation? Or maybe the protagonist is described as timid and terrified of confrontation,…

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