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Rev Your Engines: Writing Prompts for Hudson Gives

Jersey City Writers is revving up for this year’s county-wide day of giving, and we want you revved up too! Below is a list of sparks and inspirations, enough fuel to get your engine going. If you like these prompts and want more, check out writing prompt resources at the…

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Character Consistency

Have you ever read a story in which  the protagonist was characterized as having dark, brooding eyes on page one, only to have  those eyes change to light blue like an ocean on page 25, with no explanation? Or maybe the protagonist is described as timid and terrified of confrontation,…

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I Am a Crockpot: Writing Styles

You don't stop thinking just because you stop thinking. At least, that's the gist of a lot of the evidence coming out of neuroscience’s endeavor to explain consciousness. Even though we’re not aware of it, our brains keep working on problems, explanations, and creative ideas while “we” are preoccupied with…

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Creative Writing and Mental Health

Jersey City Writers prides itself on creating a space for all kinds of writers. We approach all writers with an equal level of commitment and enthusiasm. Our philosophy is rooted in our recognition of the beneficial role that creative writing can play in anyone’s life. There have been numerous studies…

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Perks of a Writing Partner

So, you’ve got a great idea for your novel, and you really want to bring it to fruition, but you’re having a hard time sitting down to do it. Sure, you start out each day fully intending to carve out time to get some writing done. But you keep pushing…

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My Journey as a Writer on the Spectrum

I was inspired to become a writer thanks to reading Little Women , by Louisa May Alcott, and the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I enjoyed writing short stories from a young age. My teachers jokingly inquired, “Linda what are you writing, a…

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Fiction as Mood: JCW’s Own Charlotte Hammond Is Published

This month we are celebrating the publication of Jersey City Writers member Charlotte Hammond’s short story, “Children’s Day,” which will appear in the upcoming anthology, A Tapestry of Colours , from Marshall Cavendish Asia. The collection is geared toward high-school-age learners and focuses on the cultural practices of specific…

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What Writers Read

What do Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Toni Morrison, and hundreds of other authors have in common? Their biggest piece of advice to prospective authors is the same: read.  Reading helps a writer explore new voices and techniques, and see important aspects like character development and plotting play out in action.…

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Workshop Spotlight: the Full Story

Most Jersey City Writers workshops feature a handful of writers sharing short stories, poems, and excerpts of larger works. These workshops help writers take a closer look at a piece of their work. But what about the big picture? In 2014, Jersey City Writers launched its Full Story program. This…

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18 Writing Prompts for Bloomsday

On June 16, modernist book nerds around the world celebrate Bloomsday in honor of James Joyce’s highly experimental novel, Ulysses . The novel has 18 episodes, each of which play with different themes, styles, and unconventional writing methods.  In honor of the arrogant but brilliant author, here are 18…

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