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Rev Your Engines: Writing Prompts for Hudson Gives

Jersey City Writers is revving up for this year’s county-wide day of giving, and we want you revved up too! Below is a list of sparks and inspirations, enough fuel to get your engine going. If you like these prompts and want more, check out writing prompt resources at the bottom to see where we got them, and consider giving back to JCW this year with our Hudson Gives campaign!

Ten Prompts

  1. Turn on the radio, open up Spotify, or ask Google to play some music. Write a story or poem inspired by the first song you hear.
  2. Describe a single object in deep detail.
  3. Challenge yourself to ten minutes of writing without using the letter “P.”
  4. Object prompt: a folder of discarded papers left beside a river
  5. Dialogue prompt: “This is why we’ve been practicing.”
  6. Dialogue prompt: “Do you think there’s a place for me here?”
  7. Start a story or poem with the line, either spoken or in narration, “Nothing shocks me. I’m a scientist.”
  8. Design or describe a secret lair or hiding place.
  9. Let a tree tell a story from its life.
  10. Three-word prompt: disc / cumulus / buzzer.

Where’d we find these?

Writing prompts 1-3 came from volunteers, moderators, and members of Jersey City Writers! Hit us up—we’ve always got some prompts in our back pocket.

Prompts 4-6 came from Reddit, which has a variety of writing prompt pages, including detailed story prompts, open ended prompts, and poetry-specific prompts.

Prompts 7 and 8 came from Tumblr, a great place for fantasy, romance, and sci-fi writers. There are specific writing prompts blogs but you can search all of Tumblr for #writingprompts or #poetryprompts.

You can also search those tags on Twitter, where we found prompts 9 and 10. Twitter prompts are also often linked to useful writing websites, including @writingprompt_ which is run by a site that has useful writing tips. You can also come back to Twitter accounts like @dailyprompt for new inspiration each day.

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