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Hudson Gives: from Our Virtual Home to Our Physical Home

One year ago when Jersey City Writers (JCW) participated in the fundraising campaign, Hudson Gives, we surpassed our goal of $5,000 to build our beautiful new website. This year, we’re setting an ambitious new goal of $6,000 to build our new physical space, and to make it a home for our…

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How My Full Story Novel Got Published – By: Mary Fan

I’ve been participating in Jersey City Writers’ Full Story workshops pretty much since I joined the group. As someone who works best with full-length novels, rather than short stories or excerpts, the book club-like format was perfect for me, both as the person getting critiqued and as a reader. As…

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The Future of JCW: Highlights from the 2020 Strategy Meeting

Jersey City Writers is more than ten years old and growing strong. This August, the executive board met in their annual strategy meeting to talk about the next year, and the next ten years: where we’re going, what we’re doing, who we’re reaching, and how we’ll provide the ideal creative…

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Jersey City Writers  is a (JCW) 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Hudson County, NJ

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