The following piece was presented at Jersey City Writers’ literary event – 800 Dirty Words. Please enjoy.


I met ML at a Disney double feature at the Uptown Theater. Snow White and The Little Mermaid played on the big screen. We had sat in the balcony, trying to escape the hordes of children on the main floor. When the lights came up, we spotted each other in the theater. He wiped tears out of his eyes and introduced himself with a smile that out-shined any Disney prince.

At six feet tall, ML was around my height and had short black hair, brown eyes, and caramel skin. He wore 501s and a black t-shirt that highlighted his broad shoulders and defined arms. A Yankees baseball cap rounded off his outfit. ML and I talked as we walked out of the theater and ended up at a local Irish bar, for a drink. I bought ML his first Guinness. He scrunched his face as he tasted its dark, rich, bitter flavor. We talked for hours in the bar until the Irish folk music chased us out of the bar.

I walked ML to the Metro, and we exchanged numbers at the station. I walked back to my studio on Connecticut Avenue with a song in my heart. I felt as if I were Ariel and I had just met my prince. Queue Disney movie music.

* * *

For my first date with ML, I decided to get hot and sweaty.  We went biking through Rock Creek Park, around the National Mall, and to Alexandria.  August’s oppressive heat cooked the city, but I hardly noticed as I was focused on ML’s figure in Lycra.  The Lycra encased his dimpled and perfect buns.  I could definitely get lost in his body. 

 We stopped in Alexandria for lunch.  We sat at a picnic bench and shared a panini and some fresh fruit.  We propped our bikes together to stand.

 “I didn’t realize how fast you are on a bike,” ML said.

 “Just try to keep up!”  I told him with a devilish smile. 

* * *

 ML and I headed back to my place for a quick shower on the way to the movies.  My apartment was furnished in thrift store chic. I had a small studio near the National Zoo.  It had some great old trees.  Sometimes, on Sunday mornings, I heard the Zoo’s lions’ roar to greet the morning. 

 I jumped into the shower first as ML had to return a phone call.  As I washed my hair and with eyes covered in shampoo, I heard the shower door open and felt hands started to lather a trail down my back.  ML had joined me in the shower.

ML’s hands kneaded their way down my back. He expertly massage my muscles.  He didn’t stop at my lower back.  I leaned forward slightly and placed my hands against the white tiles of the shower wall.  I didn’t want it to stop.  

Then I felt him against me.  He expertly used his hands to spread my cheeks as he rubbed his dick against my crack.  My moans were lost in the shower spray.  He grabbed me and his muscular arms wrapping around me. He was thick at my back and began to nibbled my ear.

ML whispered into my ear, “Did you ever make love under the sea?”

We never made it to the movie.  And we had more fun with a shower massager than two men should have.


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