The Last Night

The following piece was presented at Jersey City Writers’ literary event – Steamy Summer Nights: An Erotic FanFiction Reading. Please enjoy.

You stand in front of the window of the top story of your mansion watching the raindrops patter in an incessant dull rhythm over Gotham city. You watch the plush meadow merging on the highways crisscrossing yonder, disappearing into the belly of the behemoth-like city. And in the darkening room, you sense Talia’s arms embracing you from behind, as if to never let you go.

You smile as if to hide the pain of her impending departure even to yourself. You disentangle yourself gently, turning deliberately as if to freeze the time, to take her face between your hands. There you two stand, for a moment, before the eternity can stream through you, before every raindrop falling on the bare lifeless city can freeze mid-air, as if to ask your permission. For a moment you are not the dark-knight, for a moment you are Chronos, the God who can cease the passage of time with a snap of his fingers.

Your lips touch hers, eager, breathless. Your fingers brush against her earlobes, to traverse along the nape of her neck to find the tattoo on her back that she showed you on a snowy afternoon. You sense her hand finding your buttons, undressing you as if the world is to end right in this room, before a single breath can be drawn.

You know the usual dance from here, you know the rituals she follows, how her hand descends to find your desire protruding from you, and you know how to reciprocate. But tonight, there is something agonizingly different in her movement. Tonight it is the final absolution that is to befall you, before the sunrises, before you see her face disappear behind one of those ominous black masks, before you lose her, forever!

You lay her down gently, as if on eggshells. Your fingers dance around her torso as your lips find their marks. Your tongue tastes the sweats collecting between her heaving breasts white as doves. Your fingers touch her nipples, hardened as if to pierce the ether. Tonight she forgets to remind you to be gentle with them, but you remember anyway, as your tongue circle around the areola caressing every smallest protrusions, giving them their due. How come the final love-making of two warriors is so delicate, you wonder, as you tenderly reach beneath to feel her wetness? Your finger gently taps at the door, as if to ask the question and her body screams, ‘Yes!’ in affirmation. Your tongue finds its way to her womanhood, softly rising through her, as you kiss it gently before you can caress her with your tongue. You are cautious tonight, you are deliberate and slow. You can sense the tide building inside her as your unhurried tongue plays with her desire.

Tonight you intend to ruin her! And be ruined with her. Tonight you want to lay with her at the ruin of your mutual decimation, reminiscing the days by gone! Tonight, is the last night on earth!

“Enter me” you hear her, whispering in the most intimate voice she could have ever mastered. Your eager manhood, standing as a scimitar, obeys her command. You rub yourself against the delicate opening of her moist garden, so that her voluptuous urge can be built to the point of exhaustion, so that she can remember, what it is mean to wait, with her door open, waiting for an ingress to scourge her.

She gasps! Her knee slides down from your shoulder to your waist, waiting patiently in anticipation; her fingers dance through your hair, your shoulders, your chest, finally to rest on your haunches as her back arches towards you, her head reaches for the zenith to kiss your lips, only to slump back as you enter her. You have been into her garden of desire before, but tonight something felt different, tonight you feel a feral instinct in her eagerness, a ruthless impulse in the movement of her hips, tonight she and you are grasping for the last straw of pleasure that merges into pain.

The rhythm intensifies. The squeaky bed amplifies its nagging sound as you two breathlessly perspire like the forest beneath autumn sky. You sense she is close, but you don’t alter your pace.

Tonight, you are as merciless as she demands you to be.

There is a detonation that awaits. There is an explosion to be had. And then there is the aftermath, the love-some cuddling, the kissing and fondling, the warm embrace under the blanket that can cover the whole world. As you lay with her, her hand across your chest, you realize, every path you have crossed, every tides you have sailed, all of them merge here, in this moment now, in this languid mixture of eternity and ephemeron.


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