The Giving Girl

The following piece was presented at Jersey City Writers’ genre event – Jersey Plums Poetry Reading. Please enjoy.


He asks me to
So I tear the skin away from my face.

He puts the meat in his mouth
and chews and swallows.
He doesn’t taste its sugar and spice.
He doesn’t notice how it bounces around

in his mouth
or how it goes down
so smooth
like the white of a hard boiled egg.

Next he wants a finger  So I break one off
and hand it to him.
I don’t need it.

It doesn’t push a pen.

It doesn’t wear a ring.

It just dangles there


for him

to want it.
He gnaws at it for a bit

then boils the bones
to make a broth.

I ask him if he is still hungry.

He says he’s full
but if I don’t mind
can I please give him my teeth?

He wants to make a necklace.

I yank them all out
and he threads them with my hair
which I give him without his having to ask.


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