Table Reading Helps Aspiring Playwright

Craig reads the stage directionsAs as writer, I’d love to say there’s nothing quite like seeing your words printed on a page. But as an aspiring playwright–I’m not sure I can call myself an actual playwright yet–I have to say that there’s nothing quite like hearing your written words come out of someone else’s mouth. And that’s exactly what I had the chance to hear last Wednesday, when Jersey City Writers hosted a table reading of my play “Hot Pot” (working title).

Not only did an impressive 13 writers turn out to read and critique my work, but one member even came to the event on his birthday! The best compliment of the night was from him: “I had so much fun. This was one of the best birthdays ever!”

The Table Reading GroupI also had a lot of fun. We writers are entertainers, after all, and it was tremendously gratifying to hear people actually laugh out loud at the jokes I had written. Of course, hearing the dialogue spoken aloud was extremely helpful, and resulted in my scribbling red marks all over my script. Finally, after we had read the entire thing, the feedback I received from everyone in the group  was immensely helpful.

I still have a lot of work to do, but with the support of the Jersey City writers, I know I’m headed in the right direction. And I also know that if I ever do get this produced anywhere, I’ll at least have a cheering squad at one performance.




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