StageFEST 2014: A Stage Manager’s Prospective

Sources: Loew's Jersey Theater

Sources: Loew’s Jersey Theater

The reason I got into theater was the element of life it had that differed from any other source of entertainment.  Collaborating with live people to create a product that was so temporary and so special has always driven me to work in theater.  And although most of us outside of the creative world lump art, dancing, performance, and writing into a large group in our minds, nothing could be more different when within that group.  Writers, performers, and artists actually tend to separate themselves rather than joining hands with something they have in common.  It’s usually in defiance of the notion that all creative things are the same, regardless of whether they originate in the same place: our minds.

So when I was asked to stage manage a show that would be written and produced by Jersey City Writers, I was so happy to see welcome arms to theater, to actors, to directors, and even visual artists.  As a part of the art community, I am always grateful to be on the art scene, participate in the theater community, and attend JCW events.  But the joy and privilege I feel to be part of the cooperation of all these disciplines working with another to create a theater piece is out of this world.  This embodies everything I think an art community should be.  This feels like home on several levels.  Most importantly to me though, is that the disciplines of all these creative minds have enhanced the production itself.  Every facet of creativity has made the production an overall better finished product.  We have an amazingly dedicated cast, a highly talented and skilled director, supportive producers, eager writers, and we will have a well-rounded cultured audience to display this at an up and coming theater festival in a historical Theater.  I don’t think any creative person who has participated in this production could ask for anything more….


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