Santa versus Dracula: the graphic novel

Exciting news. Ed Power’s graphic novel Santa versus Dracula will be available in October.  Over the years, Santa has been taken on by a multitude of contenders. Maybe it’s because of the competition for worship during the month of December. Santa versus Jesus, Santa versus the Pumpkin King or Santa versus the Bogeyman are not unfamiliar concepts. However, Dracula has never before challenged the measterbunnyan in the red suit. They have a lot in common and yet exist on opposite sides of the moral spectrum. They both come into your house at night, but one of them gives and the other takes.

The violent death of the beloved Easter Bunny heralds the ultimate battle between good and evil. As the holiday rabbit dies, Santa Claus holds him in his arms and shouts at the sky: a very “KAHN!” moment. Suddenly, his phone rings. “Trick or treat,” Dracula hisses into the receiver.

The graphic novel carries us away from reality with its tongue-and-cheek humor. The character design makes Santa versus Dracula a unique and memorable read. Santa is a divorced and eternally overweight old man, and yet he is dating a hot young woman he met on a reality TV show. The Rudolph reindeer is an alcoholic with a troubled past. His nose is always red, so why not?

SantaDracula, the villain we love to hate, comes to life as a bratty punk. For over a century we have been going back-and-forth between fearing him and rooting for him. Personally, I have always yearned for him to steal Mina away from Jonathan Harker and spill Van Helsing’s blood across his castle courtyard. Teenagers today quite literally worship vampires (always have, always will), so it was only a matter of time before the Father of Christmas faced off with the Father of True Blood and Twilight.

Santa versus Dracula is a great read for the holiday season. The quality of the art is just phenomenal. Get ready for bright colors, intricate details and a crisp, modern layout. Watch as our childhood hero and his gang of North Pole compatriots fight for their lives in this epic battle. It comes out right before Halloween and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.


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