Poem: Trump Sestina

The following piece was presented at Jersey City Writers’ literary event – Formation: A Night of Poetry. Please enjoy.
There’s so much in life to experience,
Go outside, and there’s birds tweeting,
And all life’s silly subjects of obsession
Fade away, and you feel a profound joy
As nature captures your attention,
So what if he is the president?

Oh God, he is really president,
He has no relevant experience,
And seems to have the attention-
Span of a five-year-old, tweeting
At five A.M., how can you feel joy
And not be overtaken by obsession,

By the fact that this man, who’s every obsession
Is regurgitated on the internet is now president?
Look how miserable the wretch is, so free of joy
Even at his inauguration, surely an experience
That should bring euphoria, soon he’s tweeting
About whatever new slight has his attention.

And so how am I supposed to pay attention
To work, to life? He becomes my obsession
I follow every single new thing he’s tweeting,
His own handle and the handle of the president,
I wonder what it would be like to experience
Such a ridiculous, crazy life. If there’s no joy

For this man, then does anyone feel joy?
His own speech can’t hold his attention
When not bragging about his experience
Or about his latest inexplicable obsession
Or about the fact that he is the president
Or about what his enemies are tweeting.

Okay, maybe a break from tweeting
Maybe still try to take time to enjoy
Life sometimes, even if the president
Will inevitably take a lot of attention,
Must he be my constant obsession?
There’s so much of life to experience,

The birds are tweeting, and they capture my attention
Filling me with joy, as I briefly forget my obsession
So what if he is president, there’s so much to experience.


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