Poem: To My Brother — Among Others

The following piece was presented at Jersey City Writers’ literary event – Formation: A Night of Poetry. Please enjoy.

To My Brother — Among Others
We once owned the great Forest of Arden
I was King at six, you, my loyal page
From thrones atop dirt piles we’d pardon
Duties to catch passes on the street’s stage
Before phones we carried smiles and guns
Sneaking through trees and over wooden walls
Stunned to hear, “Bang! I shot you! Guys, we won!
“No, I shot you first! – We fought till nightfall
– Throwing snow from forts while our teeth chattered
We wished for warmth to chase robbers as cops
But called to feast by our cooks we scattered
While other days were ruined by raindrops
“Let’s skip dinner” I wish we would have thought
“To chase our youth until we have it caught”


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