Poem: Break of day

The following piece was presented at Jersey City Writers’ literary event – Formation: A Night of Poetry. Please enjoy.
Break of day

I’m falling into a dream
into the smile of those misty eyes
these fractured pieces I can now redeem.

Waves tossing about but it finally does seem
I can hear your whisper and your lullabies
as I’m falling into a dream.

Our shadows emerge from the blight with a brand new gleam
as the darkness fades away from the skies
these little pieces I can now redeem.

All those moments, an endless stream
a million little pictures beneath the starry skies
I’m awake or am I in a dream?

I collect all the memories, close the broken seam
the gaping void and the cries
for these fractured pieces I can now redeem.

The morning light hits my eyes with its bright gleam
Is it you ? ….  and together from the waves we rise
as I wake up to a dream
these fractured pieces I can finally redeem.


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