Poem: Abandoned Bride

The following piece was presented at Jersey City Writers’ literary event – Formation: A Night of Poetry. Please enjoy.


Abandoned Bride

A full crowd views the abandoned bride.
Standing tall, she is a broken bride.

Just viewing, not a word spoken. Besides,
What phrase could appease an abandoned bride?

“I’m sorry dear, he wasn’t worth it.”
“He doesn’t deserve such a beautiful bride.”

She would surely cry, so they only view. View the empty
Altar and the Holy Cross. How could God hurt this bride?

A charitable woman, always at mass.
A faithful woman. She’s known lesser brides.

Cancel the reception. Return the gifts!
They are of no use to an abandoned bride.

What will be done with the dress?
A dress fit for only a bride.

Cinderella hair and starlet makeup for a ball without a prince.
She will be remembered as the beautiful broken bride.

Standing tall, she is only an abandoned woman now
No longer titled Rif’s bride.


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