No Peeking Theater Presents The Shapeshifter

No Peeking’s debut production features an original play “The Shapeshifter” by Jersey City Writers’ own Meg Merriet. The brand new production company removes the element of sight from the audience and employs sophisticated designs for sound, atmosphere, texture and scent to convey the physical realm of fiction. Imagine smelling the Earl Grey in an Oscar Wilde production or riding in a humid streetcar with Blanche Dubois.
“You’re not in the audience. You’re in the world you imagine.”
The Shapeshifter follows Locke Clery, who submits to an experimental behavioral treatment. With hypnosis and an REM monitoring device, Doctor Vanessa Whitner crawls his mind for clues to his self-destructive behavior, plunging Locke into the realm of the subconscious where he must communicate with archetypes and overcome his issues. The most prominent archetype seems to be a shapeshifting mermaid. Locke learns that she might hold the key to recovering lost memories. Tickets are now available through Art House.
No Peeking is a new independent company using crowdsourced funding through IndieGoGo and offering a number of goodies to its benefactors, including but not limited to discounted tickets, production credits, personalized sleep masks and even a radio play of the Shapeshifter so you can continue to relive Locke Clery’s journey long after it’s over. Take a look at what’s available.
No Peeking is intended to cater to the blind and visually impaired, but audience members with no visual impairment are invited to experience the play in the way non-seeing individuals experience life every day. Sleep masks are provided and may be used how the user sees fit as long as they abide by one essential rule: No peeking!


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