Mindspace Trespasser

This poetry production explores what happens when that past lover keeps showing up in your most private and protected place: your own mind. The video provides a visualization of a selected poem from Entanglements, Abigail Lorraine’s third collection of poetry. It is titled Mindspace Trespasser, and that’s exactly what an “ex” is. He shows up uninvited, sometimes in your head, sometimes at your doorstep. He’s trespassing on your present, while he belong far from its valuable real estate. You have your mental images: the memories of why it didn’t work, and the hopes of where you want to be in your future… without him.


Mindspace Trespasser from John J. Video on Vimeo.


Mindspace Trespass




For more poem videos by Abigail Lorraine, visit www.poetartist.com.


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