Just a Feeling

The following short story was presented at the Jersey City Writers’ monthly genre event–Creepypasta: A Literary Reading of Web Horror. Please enjoy.


Chances are that you don’t believe in ghosts.  The whole thing seems like something out of a horror flick that you watched millions of times out of sheer boredom.  True, you can probably weave an intricate story for your friends about a time you went to your grandpa’s house and heard a floorboard creek or when you went out fishing with your dad and saw something flash behind the trees on the opposite bank (probably a deer).  But, behind that facade, you really just want the attention these stories bring.  You don’t believe in ghosts…you don’t believe in ghosts.  Yet, this is a mask to your true feelings about the unknown, about the things that you thought you saw in the shadows right before you turn on the basement light.  These are your human feelings, the feelings that beg to be unleashed at any fleeting sign of movement out of the corner of your eye.  These are the feelings that should not be left alone for too long as they have a mind of their own.

I need to warn you that these feelings get you thinking of other things to shut out your senses, to drown out the world around you.  This can be dangerous, yet it can happen simply and quickly, for just by the very act of reading this you have given in to them.  As you were reading this, you have failed to hear the garage door click unlocked and creak open.  You have failed to hear it crawling up the steps and into your room.  You have fail to hear the crackling sound they make every time they move.  You have failed to see it stand up in front of you and slowly walk towards you.  Although you may think to turn on your bedside lamp to see what’s there, it will be there first to punish you for what you have failed to see.  Yet still, you will peer out at the bedside light hidden in the darkness, counting the steps needed to get to it.  And without thinking, you will get up and run to your bedside light.

Chances are, you don’t believe in ghosts, because you know that it isn’t ghosts that you need to watch out for.


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