Join JCW @ StageFEST for the premier of Dissecting Lily

Dissecting Lily will be premiering at StageFEST in The Landmark Loew’s Theatre on Friday, March 21, at 8:15 pm and Saturday, March 22, at 4:45 pm.

Dissecting Lily tells the story of Shane, a high school film geek, who is shocked and confused by the suicide of his classmate Lily. Her life seemed perfect–she got good grades, came from a rich family, and had a jock boyfriend. But as Shane starts to peel back the layers of Lily’s life by interviewing people for a video in her honor, he finds more than he bargained for.

The play grew out of a special writing exercise Jersey City Writers provided its members. Jersey City Writers has more than 50 active members and meets 14 times per month.

Cast: William Garner (Blake); Jessica Nelson (Aggie); Mehdi Doumi (Shane); Sean Latawiec (Raymond); Samantha Gonzalez (Melanie); Nicole Miranda (Candace); Erica Manni (Lydia); Yvonne Hernandez (Ms. Alvarez); Adriana Rambay Fernández (Reporter); Mia Malmad (Lily)

Director: Dan Thorens is an international, self-made Director, Producer, Writer and Actor born in Montreal. After having been focused on film projects for the past 8 years, Dissecting Lily marks a return for him to his first love: The Stage.

Stage Manager: Amanda Levie is thrilled to serve as stage manager at StageFEST for a second time! Other theatrical credits include Annie Jr., Guys and Dolls Jr., and (Lighting Design) Spring Awakening and Mud. She is also in pre-production for an alternative theater for the blind called No Peeking Theater. Amanda would like to give special thanks to Harsimus Cove Historic Cemetery, Jersey City Writers, Dan Thorens, and the lovely cast for making this possible.

Writers: Adriana Rambay Fernández, Allison Goldstein, Angelica Schreyer, Brandon Echter, Joe Del Priore, J.T. Bell, Karin Williams, Meg Merriet, Amanda Levie, Paul Bauer, Jim DeAngelis, Dan Thorens, R.R. Poy & Gabby Creery


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