Fight to the Death

The following story was presented at the Jersey City Writers’ monthly genre event–Terrible Princess: A Celebration of the Fantasy Genre. It is an excerpt from Clarie’s novel A Broken She-Wolf. Please enjoy.

Rowena received a text message from Bryce asking her to meet him in section D-9 in the underground city. Dressed and ready to go, she walked out of the apartment, turned right, and stopped at the map that was put in every corridor. She noticed that D-9 was in the section of the tunnels that was in an isolated area.

As she approached the area, she noticed that parts of the lights were off. The hairs on the back of her nape were standing up and her mouth was dry. She continued walking and called out, “Bryce are you here?”

There was no answer. She continued walking in spite of the fact that there was total silence, her heart already beating faster.

She saw a wolf staring at here and stopped. The animal was gray and black, snarling showing its teeth. When Rowena took a step backwards, the wolf growled and circled her.

Suddenly the wolf took off into the darkness and left Rowena standing there wondering what just happened.

Then without warning Veronica appeared from within the darkness. Her eyes were like daggers aimed at Rowena as she stood only several feet away. “I told you to stay away from my man. You didn’t heed my warning.”

Rowena locked gazes with Veronica as she said, “Bryce is my man. The only reason you’re alive is because your father called in his debt.

Veronica lowered her body and, using her legs like a trampoline, lunged at Rowena, shifting in midair, landing on Rowena’s chest. The wolf growled and went for the jugular. Rowena fisted her right hand and hit Veronica in the head with so much force that she was stunned and landed on the other side of Rowena.

Rowena got up as fast as she could and readied herself for the next attack. Her face turned completely pallid when she saw Veronica turn into a wolf. Her bottom lip was trembling. Her eyes were blinking rapidly body tensing as she thought to herself. This can’t be happening. Veronica is a wolf? I must be hallucinating. Get a grip Rowena. Human or animal this thing is out to kill you. You’ve got fight back. Use your head.

Veronica lunged again but Rowena reacted in time and stepped out the way. She hit the wolf in the back of the head. Veronica landed with a thud against the wall.

All at once, Rowena felt her wolf rise to the surface. She went down on all four and her muscles began to stretch, her legs and hands were all at once covered in fur, instead of nails she had claws, her face became elongated and turned into a snout, her ears became pointy. This was only the second time she had turned into her wolf. In a matter of seconds Rowena turned into her wolf. Her fur was all white. While transforming Rowena kept her gaze locked on Veronica. She screamed one last time. But what started as a scream ended in a yelp.

Veronica took advantage and lunged once more. Rowena moved but not fast enough as Veronica claws her back making Rowena yelped from the pain as she jerk free and bit Veronica’s hind leg.

The two wolves circled each other studying waiting for the right time to strike. Unexpectedly Veronica lunged as Rowena followed. Veronica twisted at the last minute and clawed Rowena’s hind leg. Rowena yelped as she landed. After a moment Rowena pretended to be unconscious as Veronica came in for the kill. Rowena turned her body in the last second and clawed Veronica’s under belly as she landed on one side of Rowena bleeding. Veronica yelped as her fur was now covered in blood.

Both wolves were growled at each other. This time it was Rowena who lunged first and landed on Veronica and bit her on the shoulder. Veronica clawed Rowena’s snout and twisted her body causing Rowena to roll off her. Rowena limped as once again they circled each other.

They lunged at the same time, collided in midair and landed on the ground. Veronica was not holding anything back. They bit into each other, claws swinging every which way, and blood spurting everywhere. When they separated both wolves were panting and bleeding. Rowena’s white fur was covered in blood and dirt. She dripped blood from her snout. They stood there in opposite sides of the tunnel snarling and growling at each other.

After several long moments, Veronica lunged. Rowena rolled to the side. Veronica turned and lunged again this time hitting her mark. She sank her teeth into Rowena’s hind leg for the second time, making her yelp. Rowena twisted her body as she clawed Veronica’s shoulder and bit her in the back of her neck. Veronica rolled over Rowena, using the weight of her body to get Rowena off of her. She limped away. Rowena had been able to sink her claws into Veronica’s side tearing her skin open. This time it was Veronica who yelped in pain. Both wolves separated but Veronica was relentless.

In the meantime Amelia was conducting a search of the area when she heard two wolves growling. She followed the sounds in the tunnel as she approached to investigate. As she made the last turn and the sounds got louder, she saw two wolves fighting on the ground. She immediately recognized Veronica but could not identify the white wolf. She took out her cell phone and reported what was happening to Chase. He instructed here to stay there until he and Bryce arrived.

Rowena called on her inner strength as she circled Veronica and stood on her hunches waiting on her to make a move. She looked fierce; the savagery of her wolf was in total control. She could feel the bloodlust calling to her. Veronica walked toward her but when Rowena growled, her eyes turned red and she grew larger. There was an energy blast. Veronica was thrown back with such force that when she hit the wall all the air rushed out as she landed hard.

The earth shook and several parts of the wall cracked. Amelia, Chase, and Bryce landed on their backs as they were thrown ten feet back. Everyone was shocked. The energy blast had been strong. No one knew where it had come from.

When they stood up again Bryce called out, “Rowena stop!”

Rowena heard her name. She stopped and put her head sideways as she looked at Bryce, puzzled. Veronica took advantage of the distraction and lunged, throwing Rowena to the ground. By trying to stop the fight, he actually gave Veronica the advantage she needed.

Rowena clawed her way out from underneath Veronica. She refocused and ignored her mate. She hunched and lunged while twisting her body in midair. Rowena sank her teeth into Veronica’s throat, shaking her like a rag doll. Both bodies landed hard on the ground. Rowena only released her hold when she felt Veronica no longer fighting. Within seconds Veronica turned back to her human form and lay lifeless and naked in a pool of her own blood.

Bryce walked over to Rowena and held her. When she changed back into her human form, he took off his t-shirt and put it on her. Rowena never wanted to kill Veronica but the Lycan left her no choice. She turned her head away from the gruesome scene as she walked away. She took solace in her mate. Rowena had proven herself in battle. The Montara Pack finally had a female Alpha.


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