Derek Slash Stiles

The following piece was presented at Jersey City Writers’ literary event – Steamy Summer Nights: An Erotic FanFiction Reading. Please enjoy.


No one at school really knew about Derek and me.  We kept it quiet – some would call it keeping it on the down low.  Whatever, you call it.  We knew that our friends would not accept Derek – a self-proclaimed bad boy and lone wolf – and me – Scott’s best friend and son of the sheriff – as a couple.  And let’s face it:  Sneaking around added to the allure of our relationship.

However, today was the day Derek would turn me into a werewolf.  It would take our relationship to a higher level and I would be bonded to Derek as his progeny.  Afterwards my transformation would be complete we could ‘come out’ as a couple.

We had decided to do it at the waterfall.  The waterfall was our place where we would meet and make love.  The waterfall’s white noise roar drown out the drama of Beacon Hills and mask our moans.  We spread a blanket under a sycamore tree  closest the creek.  Its forest green leaves filtered the light and protected us from even the sun’s prying gaze.  Derek sat down and pulled me into his lap.  He kissed me.  His lips were deceptively soft.  He broke our kiss and looked deep into my eyes.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked as I stared into his violet eyes.  I shake ‘Yes’ as I am too emotional to talk.

“There is no going back after this.  You will be forever bonded to me,” He stated.  I kissed him in response to show that I was ready.  I pulled at his shirt and lifted it up to his head.  While he was struggling with removing it, I nipped at his nipple located on firm perfect pecs and felt the smoothness of his stomach’s six pack.  I never understood Derek’s attraction to me.  Derek had confidence and could bench a Volkswagen bug. All I had going for me I was a mop of hair and tight runner’s build and an infinity to solving puzzles. I bit his nipple harder and he freed himself by ripping his tee shirt.

“Naked now,” he growled at and then kissed me deeper.  We both worked removing each other’s pants as our mouths were sealed together.  We whimpered as we had to break the kiss to remove our remaining clothing.  I saw Derek lying on the blanket and the sight of him made me breathless.  Tan and well proportioned,  he had just enough muscles — not weirdly disproportionate like come bodybuilders sometimes get from hitting the weights too much.  I went to reach for him but he grabbed me first.  In one fluid motion, I rolled me into him and held me tight.  I was suddenly locked into the little spoon position and all felt right.

“Stiles, I usually can’t get you to shut up.  Now I need you to talk to me.  You have to tell me.  I need you to verbalize that you want this.” He said nipping my ear — his hot breath caressed my throat.  .

I shuddered in anticipation and whispered, “Yes.  Please.”  Lost in the feeling of being helpless in his arms and intoxicated by the smell of his musk.

He pulled me closer.  His cock stood rigid against my ass and his left arm snaked under me and locked my head immobile, my Adam’s apple lost in the crux of his arm.  His right arm held down my both arms at side.  Derek squeezed a tighter.  I loved being in his arms and feeling his strength. Then I felt it.  Derek’s teeth tore into my shoulder.  I bucked wildly in his arms  The mix of pain and pleasure drove me over the edge.  I kicked my legs as my body overloaded.

Derek held me tight and mumbled, “Keep still baby.  I don’t want to cause any real damage.  ” I felt the blood flow — wet and sticky — down my back and chest.  He then licked the wound and I shuttered.  Each lick sent tendrils of pleasure and pain through me.  

“Don’t worry.  You will be healed by tomorrow.”  Derek said and went back licking my shoulder.   “Just sleep.”

I passed out happy in Derek’s arms unconcerned about the drama waiting us back at Beacon Hill.


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