Creepypasta – Call for Stories

For a special Genre Night in October, Jersey City Writers is looking for micro-fiction that will make our skin crawl. The meme “Creepypasta” came out of “Copy/Paste” as people started to copy and paste short horror stories and spread them across the internet. They are written like urban legends, personal anecdotes or as instructions for a dark ritual that will cause something terrifying to take place . Some of them are written as a sort of “fan fiction” or “lost episode” where otherwise comedic or innocent characters do sinister things. Want some examples? Type these into a google search engine at your own risk with “creepypasta” tagged on at the end.

– Slender Man

– Smile Dog

– Cupcakes

– Candlejack

Slender Man - Wiki Commons

Slender Man


Submission Guidelines

– If your piece is selected, it will be published on the Jersey City Writers website.

– Send attachments as .doc or .rtf

– 1,000 words or less

– Original, unpublished work only

– Final drafts only

– Three submissions maximum

– Writers will read their own creepypasta unless they bring an actor to do so


Deadline for Submissions: October 1, 2014 EST

Please send submissions to

The reading of Creepypasta will take place Wednesday, October 8th. Location TBA.


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